Appearing wand

Effect: Walk on stage or in front of any audience and throw your hand
up and instantly an 18” magic wand appears. Use anytime in your show.
It happens so fast, it’s like lightning strikes.

Secret: The wand is made of an innovative material that allows you to roll
it into a small tube approximately 1 ½” in size so you can hide it in the palm
of your hand, pocket, wallet or even sock. Just remove the retaining ring
and toss up. It will spring open to it’s full 18” size.

Preparation/Reset: Put the wand on a table. Open the end of the wand at
the seam nearest you. Start rolling up the wand, keeping the roll as tight
as possible. When you’ve rolled up the whole wand, put the retaining ring
around it. You can also try rolling the wand around a pencil or chopstick.

Presentation: Keep the rolled up wand in your pocket with the ring slid
toward one end. Reach into your pocket, push the ring off, and toss the
wand into the air!

2 card monte

Effect: Magician shows two cards, then conceals one. The spectator can never guess which card remains.

Secret: Two special cards are supplied. One has double backs and one has double faces – King of Diamonds and Ace of Spades.

Presentation: Hold the two cards together partially fanned in your hand with your thumb on top and your first and second fingers beneath. Slide the top card (double backer) to the left with your thumb and in the same motion, slide the bottom card (double faced) to the right with your first and second fingers. At the same time during this slide move turn your hand completely over – so the back of your hand is up – as if to show the face of the other card. Now reverse the process turning your hand back over, and the cards will appear as they did when you started. Now grasp the double faced King of Diamonds that is showing with your other hand and place it behind your back. Ask the spectator to name the card which remains in your hand. They will say Ace of Spades. Before bringing card from behind your back, secretly turn it over so the Ace of Spades side is face up. Bring it to view as you say, “No, I’m sorry, I have the Ace of Spades behind my back. You must not be watching closely enough.” With that, place the Ace of Spades beneath the double backer in position to repeat the trick as often as you like.

ball & vase

Effect: A small ball is removed from a vase and placed in the magician’s pocket. The ball instantly reappears inside the vase. Then, the ball disappears from the vase and reappears in the magician’s pocket. Secret: If you examine the lid of the vase carefully, you will find that it is made of two pieces. The lower piece of these two is what is known as a “shell.” Remove the shell from the lid and place it on the empty vase. It will appear as if the ball is in the vase. If you replace the lid on the shell and then pick up both the lid and shell together as one piece, the ball will seemingly vanish from the vase. Presentation: Remove the lid (and the shell with it) from the vase and show the ball. Remove the ball from the vase and place it in your pocket. Replace the lid on the vase. Put the ball in your pocket. Now, tell your audience that the ball will invisibly jump from your pocket back into the vase. Show your hands empty and then lift the lid of the vase. This time, however, leave the shell on top of the vase, so it appears as if the ball has really reappeared inside. To make the ball travel back into your pocket, simply reverse your actions. replace the lid on the vase (over the shell). Now pick up the lid and shell together to show ball is gone. Remove the real, solid ball from your pocket.

sponge balls

Effect: A sponge ball in the magicians hand disappears and magically reappears in a spectators hand. Secret and Preparation: Before the performance, place 3 balls on a table and palm a tightly squeezed 4th ball in your hand leaving your index finger and thumb free to point and pick up one of the 3 balls on the table. Presentation: Tell your spectator that you have 3 balls and point to each naming them 1,2 and 3. Now ask your spectator to say a number 1,2 or 3. When they say the number pick up that ball with your hand that has the 4th ball secretly palmed. You should pick it up with your index finger and thumb. Ask your spectator to hold this ball tight in their hand making a fist (now you will secretly be handing them both balls). Now pick up either of the two remaining balls on the table and place the ball and figertips into your open palm. Close your fingers in your open palm around the ball as if you are grabbing it. Secretly hang on to the ball rather than letting go of it while making a convincing fist. Hold your fist up, while putting the ball secretly in your pocket (in one smooth motion) having them believe you both are holding a ball in your fist. Now say the magic words “Doody Doddy Doo” and ask them to open their hand slowly with you, revealing that they are magically holding your ball.

The Vanisher

Effect: A crayon, pencil, rolled dollar bill, or any other object is placed in magician’s closed hand. The magician opens his hand to show that the object has vanished.

Secret: A plastic cylinder, called a pull, attached to a length of elastic is held in the closed hand. When tension on the elastic is released, the pull and it’s contents vanish.

Preparation: Pin the vanisher to the inside of your coat so that the pull hangs no further than 6 inches from the bottom of your coat.

Presentation: Show the object which will be vanished to your audience. Secretly grasp the pull with one hand, apparently making a closed fist. Insert object into closed hand (and into vanisher). When you open the closed fist, releasing the pull, the elastic snaps the pull and object into your coat. Any object which fits snugly into the pull may be vanished. Suggestions: If you hold the vanisher in your left hand, keep the left side of your body turned toward the audience. This helps keep the pull hidden.

wonder mouse

Effect: The tiny mouse is shown by the magician and a small “motor” is attached to it. By magic, the mouse begins to run over and around the magician’s hand, over his shirt – everywhere! Secret and

Preparation: Press the enclosed piece of wax under the chin of the mouse (with one end of the invisible thread). Wrap the other end of the invisible thread around your lowest shirt button. The mouse should be within six inches of the button.

Presentation: Put the Wonder Mouse on the palm of your hand, by moving your hands away from your body, the mouse will move about in a life like manner. Always hold hands higher than button with invisible thread attached. Bonus

Presentation: Place the mouse in an empty clear glass. By moving the glass upwards, the mouse will climb up and out of the glass, and into your hands. To make him roll over in your hand, secretly wrap the thread around his neck once and move hand away from your body.