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amazing magic is back

You can now share the magic you remember as a kid with your kids and/or grandkids. That’s right, Marshall Brodien’s Amazing Magic is BACK! Thank’s to Marshall Brodien’s son, Marshall Brodien Jr. and his pal Wizzo The Wacky Wizard they bring you world famous Master Magician, Marshall Brodien’s Amazing Magic.

Fool your family and friends with amazing tricks performed by the Master himself. As a new magician, you will have access to magic mysteries and performance tips along with other fun exclusive magic related items and topics.

  • Marshall Brodien’s Amazing Magic Set #1

  • TV Magic Cards – Does Magic Tricks All By Itself!

  • TV Magic Cards T-Shirt


marshall brodien jr.

Born into magic at a very young age. Marshall Brodien Jr., son of world famous Master Magician Marshall Brodien, has spent his life around magic entertainers.
For over 20 Years he has performed magic at Chicagoland businesses, restaurants, and family parties. Just like his father, he performs Close-up table side magic Stage magic and Balloon twisting magic, while always making audience members the stars of the show. Magic fun for everyone!!! Mystery abounds when Wizzo is around. From the magical land of Arobia, Wizzo has been entertaining and bringing joy to millions for over five decades. You never know what Wizzo will “Doody, doody, doo” next.
With more than 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s dementia, including Marshall Brodien for the last 10 years, it is our mission to give back to Alzheimer’s Care and Research.